Sporting Grants Queensland: Unlocking Opportunities

Last Updated, 6 May, 2024
Written by <a href="" target="_self">Nicole Wren</a>

Written by Nicole Wren

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Grants play a pivotal role in supporting community sports clubs and individual athletes. Understanding the landscape of sporting grants in Queensland (including where to find them!) can be a game-changer. How Sporting Grants in Queensland Work Sports grants are funds provided by various government bodies and private entities to promote athletic participation and performance at […]

Grants play a pivotal role in supporting community sports clubs and individual athletes. Understanding the landscape of sporting grants in Queensland (including where to find them!) can be a game-changer.

How Sporting Grants in Queensland Work

Sports grants are funds provided by various government bodies and private entities to promote athletic participation and performance at all levels. These grants are designed to help reduce the financial burden of training, equipment purchases, facility upgrades and other sports-related expenses, making sports more accessible to everyone in the community. Unlike other funding options, sports grants typically don’t need to be paid back.

Grants For Queensland Sports Clubs

Sports clubs form the backbone of local communities, providing opportunities for social interaction and physical activity. Numerous grants are available specifically targeted at these organisations. Applying for sporting grants in Queensland requires a thorough understanding of each grant’s criteria, a detailed proposal, and sometimes, endorsements from the community. Professional grant writers can assist with your application.

What Items Can Clubs Use The Funds For?

While every grant is different, grants for sports clubs often focus on facility upgrades, equipment purchases, and community outreach programs.

Queensland sports grants might additionally cover training for coaches and safety improvements.

It’s important to understand the focus areas of any grant, and ensure your club’s project aligns well, before applying.

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Who Provides the Funds for Queensland Sports Grants?

Sporting grants in Queensland are offered by all levels of government, including the Queensland government and local councils. Private organisations also sometimes offer sports grants to sports clubs and individuals. The trick is in working out how to find them!

Queensland Government Sports Grants

There are various opportunities for sports grants through the Queensland government.

Queensland Local Council Sports Grants

Local councils in Queensland often provide community grants which often take the form of sports grants. Here are links to grant opportunities for each Queensland local council:

Aurukun Shire CouncilBurke Shire CouncilDoomadgee Aboriginal Shire CouncilIpswich City CouncilMcKinlay Shire CouncilPormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire CouncilToowoomba Regional Council

Balonne Shire Council
Cairns Regional Council Douglas Shire CouncilIsaac Regional CouncilMoreton Bay Regional CouncilQuilpie Shire CouncilTorres Shire Council
Banana Shire CouncilCarpentaria Shire CouncilEtheridge Shire CouncilKowanyama Aboriginal Shire CouncilMornington Shire CouncilRedland City CouncilTorres Strait Island Regional Council
Barcaldine Regional Council
Cassowary Coast Regional Council
Flinders Shire CouncilLivingstone Shire CouncilMount Isa City CouncilRichmond Shire CouncilTownsville City Council

Barcoo Shire Council

Central Highlands Regional Council

Fraser Coast Regional Council
Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire CouncilMurweh Shire CouncilRockhampton Regional CouncilWestern Downs Regional Council
Blackall-Tambo Regional Council
Charters Towers Regional Council
Gladstone Regional CouncilLogan City CouncilNapranum Aboriginal Shire CouncilScenic Rim Regional CouncilWhitsunday Regional Council
Boulia Shire CouncilCherbourg Aboriginal Shire CouncilGold Coast Regional CouncilLongreach Regional CouncilNoosa Shire CouncilSomerset Regional CouncilWinton Shire Council

Brisbane City Council
Cloncurry Shire CouncilGoondiwindi Regional CouncilMackay Regional CouncilNorth Burnett Regional CouncilSouth Burnett Regional CouncilWoorabinda Aboriginal Shire Council
Bulloo Shire CouncilCook Shire CouncilGympie Regional CouncilMapoon Aboriginal Shire CouncilNorthern Peninsula Area Regional CouncilSouthern Downs Regional CouncilWujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council
Bundaberg Regional CouncilCroydon Shire CouncilHinchinbrook Shire CouncilMaranoa Regional CouncilPalm Island Aboriginal Shire CouncilSunshine Coast Regional CouncilYarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council
Burdekin Shire CouncilDiamantina Shire CouncilHope Vale Aboriginal Shire CouncilMareeba Shire CouncilParoo Shire CouncilTablelands Regional Council
Directory of sports grants in Queensland offered by local councils.

State Sporting Organisations

Individual sport organisations sometimes provide sports grants. Below outlines a list of state-wide sports organisations for a range of sports:

Archery Queensland
Queensland Cricket Association Ltd
Golf Australia Ltd
Motorsport Australia
Softball Queensland
Ultimate Disc:
Queensland Ultimate Disc Association Inc
Queensland Athletic Association Ltd
Croquet Association Queensland Inc
Gridiron Queensland Inc
Netball Queensland Ltd
Squash Queensland
Underwater Sports:
Australian Underwater Federation Queensland Inc
AFL Queensland Ltd
Queensland Gymnastics Association Inc
Orienteering Queensland Inc
Surfing Queensland Inc
Volleyball Queensland
Queensland Badminton Association Inc
DanceSport Australia
Handball Queensland
Australian Parachuting Federation Ltd
Queensland Swimming Association Inc
Water Polo:
Queensland Water Polo Inc
Baseball Queensland Inc
Deaf Sports Australia
Life Stream Foundation
The Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Sport and Recreation Association of Queensland Inc
Special Olympics Australia
Hockey Queensland Limited
Rowing Queensland Inc
Artistic Swimming Qld Inc
Waterski and Wakeboarding:
Queensland Water Ski & Wakeboarding Federation Inc
Basketball Queensland Inc
Diving Queensland
Ice Hockey:
Ice Hockey Queensland Inc
Ice Racing Queensland
Ice Skating Queensland Inc
Queensland Rugby Football League Ltd
Table Tennis:
Table Tennis Queensland Inc
Queensland Weightlifting Association Inc
Bowls Queensland
Dragon Boat:
Dragon Boat Queensland Inc
Karting Queensland
Rugby Union:
Queensland Rugby Union Ltd
Tennis Queensland
Wrestling Queensland
Boxing Queensland Inc
Australian Trail Horse Riders Association Inc
Equestrian Queensland
Queensland Endurance Riders Association Inc
Pony Club Queensland
Horse Riding for the Disabled QLD (RDAQ)
Polocrosse Queensland
Surf Life Saving:
Surf Life Saving Queensland
Australian Sailing Ltd
Tenpin Bowling:
Tenpin Bowling Association of Queensland Inc
Paddle Queensland Inc
Queensland Fencing Association Inc
Judo Queensland
Sports Taekwondo Queensland Inc
Pistol Shooting Queensland
Queensland Clay Target Association Inc
Queensland Rifle Association Inc
Queensland Sporting Clays Association Inc
Queensland Target Sports Inc
Touch Football:
Queensland Touch Football
Sport Climbing
Football Queensland Ltd
Motorcycling Queensland
Skate Queensland Association Inc
Triathlon Queensland Ltd
Directory of sports grants in Queensland offered by state-based sporting organisations.

Private Organisations and Companies

Sometimes, private companies offer sports grants in Queensland communities. For example, Woolworths sporting grants offer funds to sporting clubs.

Popular Queensland Sports Grants

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) is Queensland’s largest one-off community grants program and distributes approximately $60 million each year to not-for-profit community groups. The GCBF funding helps these groups to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.

The GCBF will have 3 funding rounds in 2024:

  1. Round 120—$35,000 standard grant round—closed 29 February
  2. Round 121—$100,000 30th Anniversary super round—closes 3 May
  3. Round 122—$35,000 standard grant round—closes 30 November.

To check eligibility requirements and understand your organisation’s responsibilities throughout all stages of the grant funding process, read the guidelines for GCBF applicants and instructions for applying for the GCBF grant.

ActiveKIT Super Round

The objective of ActiveKIT Super Round is to support innovative solutions within the active industry to increase physical activity opportunities for Queenslanders and contribute to system-wide capability improvements.

ActiveKIT will support the active industry, startups or small to medium businesses to develop, trial or implement new and innovative solutions that respond to the challenge; “Personalising the experience for all”; enable inclusive, social, flexible and/or commitment-free physical activity opportunities for all that helps to create a positive mindset and encourages physical activity involvement for life.

Key Dates:

Stage 1 Expression of Interest (EOI) submissions open1 May 2024
Stage 1 EOI submission closes22 May 2024 at 5pm (AEST)
Stage 2 submissions open for invited organisations only12 June 2024
Stage 2 submissions close3 July 2024 at 5pm (AEST)
Successful projects can commence upon execution of funding agreementAugust 2024
Program period completeAugust 2026
Outcome report and final acquittalSeptember 2026

Who can apply for ActiveKIT?

Organisations eligible for funding must be:

  • Registered with an ABN
  • Based or headquartered in Queensland (based on the physical address of the organisation provided in the Grants Registration Portal)
  • At the time of program close, must:
    • have no outstanding compliance issues with the Office of Fair Trading
    • have met all obligations for projects currently funded by the department; and
    • have no debt owing to the department.

Organisation types

Additionally, organisations are required to be one of the following organisation types.

  • Active industry State Level Organisation or a peak organisation
  • National Sporting Organisation operating in Queensland
  • Regional or state-wide not-for-profit organisations (excluding regional sport and recreation organisations)

How to Successfully Apply for a Sports Grant Queensland

Securing a grant requires more than just meeting the eligibility criteria; it requires strategic preparation and effective grant writing. Here’s how to maximise your chances:

Understand the Requirements:

Make sure your purpose aligns with the grant’s objectives.

Prepare a Solid Application:

Include clear objectives, a budget, and demonstrate the impact the grant will have.

Prepare and Include Relevant Documentation:

Often, community sports grants will require letters of support from key stakeholders, like users of the facility. Ensure you gather this information well in advance, to avoid any delays.

Submit on Time:

Don’t miss deadlines, and avoid incomplete applications.

Write Clearly and Succinctly:

Grants will often have word counts, and it is important you convey important information whilst adhering to any limits. A professional grant writer can help if you struggle getting things down on paper.

Sports grants in Queensland are invaluable resources that provide financial support to clubs and athletes across Australia. By effectively utilising these grants, the sports community can foster significant development and achieve greater competitive success.

If you’re part of a sports club seeking financial assistance, and you’ve found a grant you think you may be eligible for, our expert grant writers can assist to prepare your application. Contact us for a quote.

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