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Pricing Transparency – Always Fixed Price Quotes

We believe in transparency. Unlike most alternatives, we offer estimated pricing for our services, so you needn’t wait days for a quote to come back to determine if working with us is viable for your organisation.

If you would like a full quote for your business, simply fill in our online quote form. 

We always offer fixed cost quotes. No hidden fees, nasty surprises or forced add-ons (even if your project takes longer than expected). Avoid time and materials or hourly charging so you know up-front what it will cost you.




$500 – $1000

Funding requests up to $20K

Estimated 5-10 hours:

2 Hours of Discovery,

2-5 Hours Writing,

1-3 Hours Feedback & Review Cycle


$1000 – $2500

Funding requests $20K - $100K

Estimated 10-25 hours:

2- 4 Hours of Discovery,

5 -15 Hours Writing

3 – 6 Hours Feedback & Review Cycle


$2500 – $5000

Funding requests $100K+

Estimated 25 – 50 hours:

4 – 8 Hours of Discovery,

15 – 30 Hours Writing

6 – 12 Hours Feedback & Review Cycle

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Whether it’s a job application or interview coaching for your dream job or a grant submission or HR training workshop, use Win With Words to help you meet you or your organisation’s goals!


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