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We are experienced Australian grant writers with a passion for helping organisations secure funding for their important projects and initiatives.

Whether you’re a non-profit, small business, or government entity, we can help you craft your organisation’s story to secure funding to make a real difference in your community.


1. Discovery

2. Writing

3. Review & Submit

What Nicole and Her Team Can Assist With:


We can help with grants of all sizes, including small grants (<$20,000), medium grants ($20,000 – $100,000) and large grants ($100,000+).

Government Grants

We are experts securing government grants, including Federal, State and Local Government grants.

Social Enterprise Grants

Non profits are working hard every day, our grant writers can help ease the load and deliver results.

Environment Grants

Climate change and other environmental issues are a pressing issue, let us help you help the word.

Indigenous Grants

Our grant writers can assist secure funding for your project designed to help Indigenous Australians.  

Business Grants

We know what corporations are looking to support and can help craft your story to secure funds.

Health Grants

Health departments around Australia each have their own requirements we know how to navigate.

Education Grants

Our grant writers are very experienced working with various state education departments.

Sports Grants

Get your sports club the upgrades they need and make a big difference in your local community.

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Implement your strategy, deliver your goals


Load off your plate

Our Grant Writing Process


Applying for grants can be a challenging process. We’ve developed a streamlined approach to grant writing that maximises your chances of success and minimises the time and effort required on your part. 


Step 1: Discovery and Assessment

Your grant writer will complete a 1-2-hour phone consult with a relevant person in your organisation, to understand your organisation’s needs and goals. We will also take the time to review the requirements of the grant you want to apply for to understand how your goals can align with the criteria of the specific grant opportunity and develop a comprehensive strategy to highlight the unique qualities and strengths of your organisation..

Step 2: Proposal Development

Using our strategy as a guide, your grant writer will begin crafting a persuasive proposal that presents your organisation in the best possible light. Our grant writers are skilled at presenting complex information in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that your proposal is both informative and persuasive. 

Step 3: Proposal Development & Submission

Once your proposal is complete, we conduct a rigorous review to ensure that it meets the highest standards of professionalism and quality. You will have an opportunity to review the grant and request any changes or additions as you see fit.

Once your proposal has been reviewed and approved, it will be ready for submission. We understand the importance of timely submission and will work efficiently to ensure that your proposal is prepared well before the deadline.


100% Success rate

Nicole is batting the perfect game, having secured 6 out of 6 grants she has written for us at the Cairns Toy Library

Money secured!

Win With Words won us money to redevelop our business website from the QLD gov, thanks WWW!

New windows for our NFP!

Thanks to Nicole, our non profit was able to replace delapidated windows at our NP’s property.

Dysart Golf Club Wins $1.4M

Win With Words assists Dysart Golf Club to secure $1.4 million in funds through the Resources Community Infrastructure Fund. Funds will enable the club to revitalise its clubhouse and enhance its golf course, making it a more welcoming and inclusive space for both golfers and the wider community.

Win With Words


Whether it’s a full grant submission or grant ‘touch up’, Win With Words can help meet your goals! We also offer grant writing training workshops to organisations.


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