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A qualified psychologist with post-graduate qualifications in HR, Nicole has been writing professionally since 2012, preparing a range of professional documentation including grants and government selection criteria.

Nicole ‘cut her teeth’ in this industry writing grants for local not-for-profits and quickly realised she had a knack for writing successful grants.

Nicole uses her skills as a psychologist to utilise powerful marketing techniques built on psychological principles, ensuring the organisation she works with resonates with the grant provider. Nicole quickly analyses and understands the motivations of the grant provider and what they want. After spending time asking the right questions to organisations, to obtain the details needed to address that criteria, she then uses her skills as a wordsmith to craft a powerful story to ‘sell’ the organisation she is working with and assist them to acquire the funding they need.

Nicole has now built a solid reputation for being a highly effective grant writer.  She assists with a range of grants from the very small through to the very large. 

Based in Cairns, Queensland, but working remotely, Nicole can service clients all over Australia.

Grant Writing

We can help you prepare and submit your grant from scratch. We will work with you to gather all required information. Start by telling us which grant you want to apply for.

Grant Polishing

Let us ‘polish’ your partially-completed grant. We will take what you have written and rewrite sections as needed to ensure a competitive application.


Grant Sourcing

We offer options for organisations to help them source suitable grants based on their goals and objectives. We can then help you prepare and apply for appropriate grants.

Transparent Pricing & Always Fixed Cost

Timely Turnaround

Nicole will work with you to get your grant submitted by the required deadline.

Affordable Prices

Nicole’s transparent price structure enables you to plan ahead.

Quality Work

Ensure your grant application comprehensively addresses every required criteria.

Win With Words


Whether it’s a job application or interview coaching for your dream job or a grant submission or HR training workshop, use Win With Words to help you meet you or your organisation’s goals!


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