Case Study: AFL Club Secures Clubgrants NSW Infrastructure Grant

Last Updated, 10 July, 2024
Written by <a href="" target="_self">Nicole Wren</a>

Written by Nicole Wren

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Clubgrants NSW are open now!

Clubgrants NSW Category 3 Infrastructure Grants are open now. Securing funding for community projects can be challenging, but for a NSW local AFL Club who recently won one of these grants, the journey was transformative. We explore in this case study how this club successfully secured the Clubgrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grant, detailing the steps they took and the impact the funding has had on their community.

About the Clubgrants NSW Category 3 Infrastructure Grants

The Clubgrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants, funded and administered by the Office of Responsible Gambling, aim to support the construction, renovation, and fit-out of community infrastructure. This grant focuses on delivering outcomes for disadvantaged NSW communities, including regional, remote, and drought-affected areas, as well as culturally and linguistically diverse, disability, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Key Information:

Grant Amount: From $50,000 to $300,000

Application Period: 1 July 2024 to 22 July 2024

Program Objective: The primary goal is to fund projects that improve community infrastructure, particularly in sports and recreation. This includes supporting the costs associated with construction, alteration, renovation, and fit-out of facilities such as sports centers, playgrounds, and swimming pools.

Who Can Apply: Not-for-profit organisations, schools (considering public accessibility), and local councils (required to cash-match the funding amount requested).

Who Can’t Apply: Individuals and organisations or businesses that may realise commercial gain from the project.

Suitable Projects:

  • Indoor organised sports centres (e.g., indoor cricket, basketball)
  • Leisure centres (e.g., martial arts dojo, gymnastics center)
  • Outdoor organised sports facilities (e.g., football fields, netball courts)
  • Recreation spaces (e.g., playgrounds, skate-parks)
  • Large-scale purpose-built facilities (e.g., stadiums, velodromes, motorsports facilities)
  • Water sports facilities (e.g., swimming pools)

Case Study: AFL Club’s Clubgrants NSW Journey

Project Overview:

A local AFL Club aimed to renovate their aging clubhouse and upgrade their football fields and playgrounds to provide a safer, more enjoyable environment for the community. The club serves a diverse population, including many from disadvantaged backgrounds, and wanted to create a facility that would cater to the needs of all its members.

Grant Application:

The club contacted a grant writer from Win With Words, and with support, applied for $250,000 to cover the renovation costs, which included:

  • Modernising the clubhouse with new facilities and accessibility features.
  • Installing advanced lighting systems for the football fields.
  • Upgrading the playground with new, safe equipment.

Key Elements of Their Successful Application:

  • Clear Alignment with Program Objectives: The highlighted how the new facilities would benefit disadvantaged community members, including providing accessible recreational opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Detailed Project Plan: The application included comprehensive plans and timelines, showing a clear path from project initiation to completion. Budgets were meticulously detailed, ensuring transparency and feasibility.
  • Community Support: The club secured letters of support from local leaders, schools, and community organisations, demonstrating strong community backing for the project.
  • Sustainability: They outlined a maintenance plan for the new facilities, including partnerships with local businesses and volunteers to ensure the project’s long-term success.
  • Accessibility: Emphasis was placed on making the new facilities accessible to all community members, with specific features for those with disabilities.


The grant was awarded in July 2024, and the renovation project began immediately. Within six months, the Club unveiled its new facilities. The modern clubhouse, enhanced football fields, and upgraded playground have since become a hub of activity, providing a safe and welcoming space for over 500 community members each week.


The project has had a significant positive impact on the community, fostering greater social interaction, promoting physical activity, and enhancing the overall well-being of the residents. The success of the Club serves as an inspiring example for other organisations looking to make a lasting difference through the Clubgrants NSW Category 3 Infrastructure Grants.

How to Make Your Own Clubgrants NSW Application Stand Out

To enhance your chances of securing a Clubgrants NSW Category 3 Infrastructure Grant, consider the following tips:

  • Clearly demonstrate how your project will benefit disadvantaged communities. Highlight the specific outcomes for regional, remote, or culturally diverse groups.
  • Ensure your application includes detailed plans, budgets, and timelines. The more precise and well-documented your proposal, the better.
  • Include letters of support from community leaders, stakeholders, and potential users of the infrastructure. This adds credibility to your application.
  • Outline how the project will be maintained and sustained over the long term. Address any potential challenges and how they will be managed.
  • Emphasise how the facility will be accessible to the public, ensuring it meets community needs beyond specific events or activities.

The Clubgrants NSW Category 3 Infrastructure Grants offer a valuable opportunity to enhance sport and recreation infrastructure in NSW communities. By carefully aligning your project with the program’s objectives and submitting a detailed, well-supported application, you can significantly increase your chances of securing this vital funding. Start your application today and take the first step towards creating a lasting impact in your community.

Contact us if you require assistance with your application.

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